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Orlu State Constituency:Isu Clan Lays Claim To Position,Tells Political Parties To Respect Zoning Arrangement


Isu Clan Mandate, a group that protects and projects  the collective interest of the Isu Clan in Orlu local government area of Imo state, over the weekend held a crucial meeting in Owerri  where issues relating to the age-long zoning of political positions frowned at attempts by some overzealous people to scuttle it for their selfish interests.

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Addressing journalists at the well attended meeting of the group, comprising politicians, academics, technocrats and youth leaders, the National President, Comrade Steve Anugwom, stated that, as a clan, they have maintained mutual understanding between Isu and Orsu Clans and wondered why  any politician or group of politicians would contemplate scuttling such commendable arrangement.

He called on political parties to respect the zoning arrangement that was designed by those who initiated it, to enhance peaceful and mutual co-existence among the two clans and their political classes.

Anugwom, a grassroots politician and mobilizer posited that “this position taken by Isu Clan should be made known to all political parties pointing out that he grew up to know that such arrangement has always existed with a view to ensuring that rancor and acrimony that are likely to arise from contest for positions are nipped in the bud.

“As far as some of us are concerned Isu Clan Mandate will leave no stone unturned in our bid to ensure that Isu Clan is not short changed as it was in the past before this arrangement was initiated.”

He recalled that aside Marcel Odunze and Ukaigwe, all the lawmakers that had represented Orlu State constituency in the Imo State house of assembly came from the Orsu Clan, noting that since the arrangement was put in place, the two clans have worked harmoniously for the development of the area.

The vibrant and youthful politician further disclosed with excitement that the zoning arrangement was streamlined in way that whenever an Orsu indigene emerged as lawmaker for the area, the elected executive chairman of the local government council will come from Isu Clan and vice versa.   




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