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ImoPoly Staff Lament Over Acting Rector’s Continued Stay In Office

Aggrieved staff of Imo State Polytechnic have expressed concern over the continued stay of the Acting Rector, Sir John Mbadike who has stayed in office for two years and 3 months in addition to the first six months provided by the constitution.

Some lecturers in the school who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity wondered why the Acting Rector who assumed office Febuary 6th,2020 shortly after the emergence of Senator Hope Uzodinma as governor should continue to preside over the affairs of the polytechnic, “even when there is no single development or notable and verifiable achievement except rhetorics.

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They posited that, “it is the desperation of Sir John Mbadike to remain as Acting Rector that has led to the pitiable plight of the staff and students of the institution because he can’t make any policy statement or courageously fight for the rights of staff and students to avoid being removed or replaced with another weak and obedient servant who will also be willing to mortgage our collective interest on the altar of personal interest like him”

They recalled with dismay that, “this was exactly what happened when the former Rector Rev Fr Wence Madu who was also appointed in Acting Capacity refused to vacate his seat when his tenure elapsed. He ended up staying in office for eight years instead of five years as provided for in the school’s laid down rules, procedure and guidelines.”He had assumed office in 2011 and reluctantly vacated in June 9,2019.

A cross section of lecturers, staff and students of the institution who spoke to this reporter called on the Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma to as a matter of urgency come to the rescue of the school and save it from further deterioration, pointing out that “the former Rector,  Wence Madu who still exerts overbearing influence on the Acting Rector is still  in control of affairs at the school as his behind the scene antics, plots and manipulations are affecting the institution negatively in all ramifications.”

This, according to a source, “is because the Acting Rector who has from all indication failed to be assertive for inexplicable reasons, believes that he owes his emergence as Acting Rector to Rev Fr Wence Madu who may have sold him the dummy that he would use his contacts to retain him in that capacity for as long as he remains loyal, despite his abysmal performance”. 




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