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Lawmaker Proffers Solution To killings In Orsu,Says: Uzodinma, A Good Man Surrounded By Dishonest People

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The lawmaker for Orsu state constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon Ekene Nnodumele, who has been on suspension for the past nine months has called on the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma to borrow a leaf from some past leaders   in addressing the protracted security challenges in some parts of Orlu zone, saying that peace is ultimate and if Amnesty will guarantee it, the government should embrace it.

Hon Nnodumele who stated this in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper, ‘’said, all over the world, wherever there are agitations or protracted crises, the government often deploys political solutions towards addressing the issues involved.

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This, he said is one area where the former Governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha performed creditably.‘’When there was persistent uprising in the Ohaji/ Egbema axis which defied all solutions deployed towards addressing it, former Governor Rochas Okorocha did not only grant amnesty to the restive youths, but also engaged them through the leaders and stakeholders in their various communities.

“He also used the stick and carrot approach to ensure that the restive and angry youths were brought out from the creeks and made to be useful to themselves, their families and communities’’.

He described Governor Uzodinma as ‘’a good man who is surrounded by mainly  sycophants and dishonest people who deceitfully tell the governor what they thinks he would like to hear instead of the reality on ground’’.

The disgruntled elements and fifth columnists in the corridors of power constantly feed the governor with falsehood and at the same time blackmail others who are sincerely interested in helping the governor to succeed.
He attributed his suspension from the house of Assembly to the handiwork of gossip merchants who abandoned their core duties and responsibilities to engage in gossips, back biting, blackmail and other vices that are unbecoming of occupants of such exalted positions.He added that, “ironically, this people who think they will grow by bringing others down often remain stagnant”.  

Speaking further on the security challenges in Orsu, Nnodumele called on the Governor to revive the Imo Orientation Agency and cause it to adhere to its responsibility of mobilizing, sensitizing and educating the people on the programs and policies of the state government and also tell the youths about the danger involved in causing mayhem and heating up the polity.
‘’As it is now, those who are being killed, maimed and their properties burnt or destroyed are our brothers, friends and relatives. So, head or tail, we are the people losing’’.

Hon Nnodumele whose outspoken nature, vibrancy and contributions at plenary was highly commendable, has always maintained that providing political solutions towards addressing the alarming spate of insecurity in the state, especially around Orsu is the antidote to the ravaging menace which has inflicted psychological, emotional and physical trauma on the people whose loved ones have been victims of the onslaught.

“The political solution option has been tested to be fruitful . Late President Yar’ Adua applied the same method in dealing with the restive youths in the Niger Delta and it also worked. I am therefore of opinion that the same option deployed towards solving the issue of insecurity in Orsu and other parts of the state.As often said, we cannot be applying the same solution to a problem and expect to get different result’’.

Finally, he used the opportunity to sympathise with all those who lost their relatives and those whose houses, cars and other valuables  were burnt.He added,”I understand how painful it is because I am also a victim.They did not only burn my house, they beheaded my gateman”, he concluded.  


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