The Young Progressive Party YPP Candidate for Okigwe South Federal constituency, Comrade Kenkwo Kasandu Kasarachi, popularly called KKK has said that his emergence as the legislator for Okigwe South federal constituency, comprising Ihitte Uboma, Ehime Mbano and Obowo Local Government Areas of Imo state will put a desired end to the menace of god fatherism, imposition of candidates and the undue influence of money which have been the albatross of political and socio-economic development of the area.

The youthful politician and human rights activist who stated this in a telephone interview with Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper, said considering his age, antecedents and the response those who are pleasantly disposed to his aspiration, it is obvious that the electorate are tired of the business-as-usual syndrome that has impacted negatively on the federal constituency and her people who have shown their desire for a better deal.

On what he has in stock for his constituents if elected, Comrade Kenkwo Kasarachi said he would pay more attention to the rejuvenation of most of the moribund projects in the constituency in addition to positively exploring and putting into good use the natural endowments in the communities based on their areas of comparative advantage.

He said, ‘’I will partner with Imo state government to ensure that the rice mill at Ikparaejere becomes functional within my fist six months in office. The ceramic industry at Ehime Mbano will also be revived to create employment for our teeming youths, ensure food sufficiency and also generate revenue for our State. The Abadaba lake at Ihitte Uboma, is also an asset that can contribute enormously to the economy of Okigwe South federal constituency, the state and our country at large if it is given desired attention and right and proper steps taken, in partnership with relevant authorities and agencies.

“My mission of going to the federal to the federal house of representatives is to work in synergy with relevant arms of the national assembly, ministries, departments and agencies to attract the dividends of democracy by facilitating the socio-economic and infrastructural development of Okigwe South federal constituency and Imo State at large.

‘’There is also the need for people-oriented Bills and Motions that will address and rectify some existing anomalies that are gulping funds that should be deployed towards projects that will benefit the greater majority instead of a select few.

‘’For instance, there is urgent need for a Bill to reverse the payment of pensions and gratuity to ex-governors, Speakers of Legislative houses etc, who are paid huge sums of money while poorly remunerated civil servants and retirees are owed several months arrears of their salaries and pension’.

“It is also regrettable that there are no constituency offices in Okigwe South where the people can go to seek explanation to issues or discuss with those are entrusted with their collective mandate.

“I have resolved and will as a matter of urgency ensure that there is a constituency office in each of the three local government areas that constitute Okigwe South federal constituency among other steps that will bring governance closer to the people”.

Responding to a question about how he intends to compete for votes with the incumbent lawmaker who has acquired enough financial muscle, he said, ‘’ as a matter of fact, money plays an important role in politics. However, the electorate have become conscious of the havoc that the undue influence of money has continuously wrecked on the people.

He said,”the masses are dissatisfied with the money bags who they rightly believe enriched themselves at their expense. The effect of money politics has been whitled down to reasonable extent as attested to by the momentous movement that is spreading like wild fire all over the country. To this end, people especially the youths who have been exploited for so long will vote according to the dictates of their conscience.”Besides, it seems to have dawned on majority of our people that there is urgent need to take back our country and liberate ourselves from the destructive, oppressive and dehumanizing strangle hold of corrupt professional politicians and money bags who have for so long appropriated our collective patrimony by periodically giving us stipends to guarantee their 4 or 8 years looting spree’’.