House of Prayer International Church, Okporo in Orlu Local Governemnt Area of Imo State has concluded a 2-day National Youth Convention with the theme, The Indomitable’’, which started on Friday, December 2, 2022 and ended on Sunday December, 4, 2022.

Delivering his key-note lecture with the theme, ‘’career building and uncertainties ’’ the Labour Party candidate for Orlu State constituency, Comrade Precious Nwadike who narrated how he started life as a skilled person noted that the society is changing, going from bad to worse, unlike what was obtainable in the past.

According to him, ‘’blue chip companies used to go to the universities in search of graduating students who they will offer employment. But today, that glorious era is gone as all employment opportunities are grabbed by the few highly placed Nigerians who have held this country captive for their siblings, friends, cronies and associates. Hence, for one to survive, he or she must devise a way to remain afloat in the midst of challenges’’.

He advised the youths not to allow their unfavorable backgrounds to constitute hurdles to their aspirations and actualization of their dreams in life.

The Imo State house of assembly hopeful regretted that some promising youths who have what it takes to excel in life often claim that since their parents could not make it, they themselves cannot also make it. This, he said is a very retrogressive mindset that should be jettisoned by all means.

Comrade Nwadike noted that each time he left home as a growing young man, he always made up his mind to carve a niche for himself rather than relying on what his parents achieved and the height they attained.

He quoted copiously from the Book of John, chapter 1, verse 45 where it was recorded that ‘’at the time Nathaniel was told by Philip that they had found the one Moses wrote about and whom the Prophets also spoke about, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph the carpenter,He looked at Philip with contempt and said, ‘’can anything good come from Nazareth’’? But later the same Nathaniel was also recorded in the bible as having referred to Jesus as the son of God. It is only handwork and determination to succeed that will make those who earlier mocked you because of your background to turn around and eulogize you’’.

Nwadike also made reference to the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 28 verse 12, where it was said, ‘’I will bless the works of your hand’’, stressing that, ‘’if one does not place his hands on anything, there will be nothing for God to bless. It is only what one lays his hands on as means of livelihood that  God will channel His blessing on.Prayer is good but prayer without work is like a vehicle without fuel”.

The renowned human rights activist and youthful politician said, ‘’ it does not matter whether or not one is a graduate. The important thing is to acquire a skill because skill acquisition is in vogue all over the world today’’.

Nwadike also thanked the general overseer,Barr John JP Oguaju for being a source of inspiration to every young person that comes his way.

Speaking at occasion, the National President House of Prayer Int’l Church Youths Forum, Deacon Nonso A. Nwokeji appreciated the Guest Speaker for making out time to come and address the youths and avail them of his experience.

He also averred that skill acquisition has been a priority in their dream to ensure that every youth is gainfully engaged.

He noted that the convention is the fourth in the series and has come to stay.

Nwokeji, expressed gratitude to the General Overseer, Barr John JP Oguaju for his support and for being involved in mentorship.

The highpoint of the event was the exhibition of talents by some of the youths who showcased different impressive skills to the admiration of members and guests.

The President, Deacon Nwokeji who was highly elated said the youths who showcased the most out-standing skills would be presented with awards on the second day of the convention.