The Imo State candidate of the African Democratic Alliance, Prof James Okoroma has called on Governor Hope Uzodinma to concentrate on how to address the myriad of problems confronting the state and stop frittering away the much needed resources in junketing to and from Abuja on frivolous trips that do not add value to the state and her people in any way.

He likened the Governor’s attitude to that of Emperor Nero who was recorded as having engaged in unnecessary frivolities while Rome was bleeding on all fronts.

Okoroma who stated this shortly after inaugurating his campaign council in Owerri, the Imo State capital on Tuesday, pledged to secure the lives and properties of citizens and residents of the state, if elected.

He berated Governor Uzodinma for relaxing and behaving as if nothing is happening while insecurity is taking its toll on the lives and properties of Imo people who are dying in droves.

‘’It is unfortunate that in the last one week, more than 60 people have been reportedly killed and more than 170 houses burnt to ashes in Oguta Local Government Area and environ alone. Yet, the Governor who is the Chief Security Officer of the state takes pleasure in perambulating and junketing to and from Abuja in search of God knows what’’.

He further said, ‘’I want to serve my people. Imo is ailing. I cannot be relaxing when my people are dying. In the last one week, over 60 people had been killed in Oguta LGA; over 170 houses had been burnt. Our people are dying. The man who is governor is in Abuja, junketing.

 “It is like Emperor Nero who was dancing when Rome was on fire. Imo is on fire. Whoever likes what is happening in Imo State has problem with his head.”

Okoroma noted that insecurity is persisting in Imo State because the current crop of leaders in the state do not command the respect of the led.

He opined that electing those who are respected by the people will help restore security in the state.

Hear him; “There will be security in Imo State. I will not to adopt conventional approaches. Do you know why there is insecurity in Imo? It is because those who are leading Imo do not command the respect of the people. Once you have leaders that the people respect, the young men causing insecurity will lay down their arms’’.

 “I will ensure that state actors and non-state actors broker an agreement. I will make concession to non-state actors. One person does not govern.

“Our aggrieved sons and daughters will be brought to the negotiation table. I won’t invite the Nigeria Army to go and kill them; I won’t invite the police to go and kill them. I won’t invite our enemies to go and kill my people. Those who hate us are the ones protecting us now. Is it possible?”

He equally pledged to implement an educational system in which the gown would meet the needs of the town, a system that would churn out employable graduates who would be equipped with skills to compete favourably.

Okoroma said; “I am an educationist. I know what to do with our education system. I know what to do about unemployment. I will bring an educational blueprint that will ensure that the drivers of the economy and education system achieve a convergence.

Earlier, the Director-General of James Okoroma Governorship Campaign Organization, Amaka Chiegena expressed her profound gratitude to the African Democratic Congress for giving the state the ‘most qualified governorship and deputy governorship candidates’.

She advised the people of the state to try academics having tried those she called traders, who have woefully failed to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people’’.