–      Lampoons Imo CAN

Prof Protus Uzorma, a renowned academic, philosopher and human rights activist has taken a swipe at the Imo State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria for behaving like the proverbial foolish man who is busy pursuing rats while his house is on fire.

Uzorma, who spoke to this reporter in an exclusive interview in Owerri, yesterday, expressed disappointment that CAN, as an umbrella body of Christians who belong to and have interest in different political parties could condescend to the abysmal level of endorsing a particular candidate among others who, aside being amply qualified, are also Christians.

“It is a disgraceful and unwarranted exhibition of bias that is motivated by unbridled desire for pecuniary benefits. Honestly most of our religious leaders have mortgaged their conscience and ability to strike a balance between what is right and wrong on the altar of personal aggrandizement. That is why bad, inept and purposeless governance has continued to thrive”.

Responding to a question Prof Uzorma fondly referred to by his admirers as the Senior Advocate of the Masses (SAM) said, “the Church ought to be the arrow head for the promotion of peace, tranquility, unity, hinged on justice and fairness. But with the way things are today, church leaders appear to have lost direction because the emphasis is now on materialism. That is why they are no longer concerned about the security and welfare of the people. Most of them have been bought over while most of are card carrying members of political parties. Others have lost the courage to talk because they are scared of being attacked by killers who are on rampage in the state”.

However, all hope is not lost, if only our religious leaders would decide to retrace their steps, re-order their priorities, come together and organize a peace conference. They should also distance themselves from money induced political endorsements and remain completely apololitical. That is the only way they can restore the peoples’ confidence in CAN and by extension, the church. Some of us will be part of the conference, if invited, because Imo is the only state we can call our own”.