–         Say Decamping PDP Boys Acting Pre-conceived Ignoble Script

Orluzurumee Youth Assembly, (OYA) the apex socio-cultural youth organization in the 12 Local Government Areas of Orlu zone, has distanced and dissociated itself from the purported endorsement of a governorship candidate by those it described as “Reuben Okoro’s boys who, out of mischief are acting a pre-conceived script that has nothing to do with OYA and it’s authentic leadership.

The National President of the Assembly Comrade Thaddeus Emejuru and Secretary, Comrade Chibueze Paschal, in a release they jointly signed, said, “those who claimed to have endorsed Chief Ben Odunzeh the governorship candidate of New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), are members of the discredited Reuben Okoro-led Orluzurumee, who are also the same set of people he attempted to use to stop the CAC registration  of Orluzurumee Youth Assembly who now go about extorting money from politicians”.

“In 2013, the Imo State Police Command arrested one Arthur Madumere and his alleged accomplice for impersonating Orluzurumee Youth Assembly. When they were eventually released by the police, they removed “Assembly” form their name and started answering Orluzurumee Youths, which is also an infringement on the rights of OYA which is now registered as a corporate entity.

The release dated August, 5, 2023 reads in part, “The attention of Orluzurumee Youth Assembly, the apex socio-cultural youth organization in Orlu Zone has be drawn to a publication made by a fictitious self centered individual under the umbrella of Ubom Media with the intention to decieve the masses by spreading false news about Orluzurumee Youth Assembly endorsing Chief Ben Odunzeh, the gubernatorial candidate of NNPP ahead of November 11, Imo State Governorship election.

“It is important we reiterate that the aim and objective of the organization is solely for the interest of the people of Orlu Zone and not for politically driven interest of a single individual.  Hence we state in clear terms without micing words that the apex socio-cultural organization in Orlu Zone is not a political party and as such, abhors any attempt of political praise singers who tries to make mockery of the organization.

“Having carefully perused the purported press statement fraudulently misrepresented by Udom Media, we deem pertinent to state as follows:

“1. That Orluzurumee Youth Assembly, the apex socio-cultural organization in Orlu Zone never endorsed Chief Ben Odunzeh

“2. That the organization never issued or mandated any individual to issue any communique with respect to such endorsement.

“3. That the said Desmond Ugwumba is unknown to the organization and has never been part of the organization executive.

“4. That the said press statement issued by Desmond Ugwumba and Ubom Media was self driven, dishonest, malicious and geared towards marketing their pay Master without any iota of true.

“For the record, Orluzurumee Youth Assembly is an organization registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and on that note, a body recognized with legal rights. To all those hiding under the cloak of Orluzurumee Youth in other to misinform or mislead the public,     be informed you are inbreach of the law and sooner or later you will have the law to contend with.

“It is on the above premise that we wish to describe such act as political hickery pokery and state in clear terms without any reservations that the apex socio-cultural youth organization in Orlu Zone is not aware of the endorsement of any candidate for the November, 11, governorship election”.