Calls For Immediate Removal Of Mbaitoli Solad, Opara 

The Sole Administrator of Mbaitoli Local Government Council, Mr Chinasa Hamilton Opara have been accused of causing more harm than good to Governor Hope Uzodinma shared prosperity administration in Mbaitoli Council Area.

The Obi Mbieri Town Union President General, Emeruem who also accused Opara of working for the opposition party. Calling for Mr Chinasa Opara removal from office.

Emeruem who briefed newsmen via cellphone interview, on Wednesday, 2 August, boasted that he still remains the Authentic President General Of Obi-Mbieri Autonomous Community appointed by the Local Government Interim Management Committee, led by Honourable John Eke.

The PG revealed that his administration as the President General Of Obi-Mbieri community went through due process and certified with the Constitution and vote of confidence from all well-meaning people of Obi-Mbieri.

Hear him; “What Chinasa Opara is doing in Mbaitoli is totally unacceptable, and it is strange to us. His activities in Mbaitoli calls for serious investigation. I think he has a personal agenda.

“I was recently intimidated in a meeting which he called couple of weeks ago where he forcefully installed someone to be acting as a PG in several autonomous communities in Mbaitoli just few months to the governor’s election.

“He was Intimidating and compelling me to step down from my position as the PG of my community, which I did some publication out of  Durex for my safety. I wonder if Opara Chinasa is working for Uzodinma. He maybe working for the opposition or for his personal agenda.

“How a Sole Administrator who is supposed to promote peace in the rural communities are busy inciting controversies. This does not represent governor’s shared prosperity ideas. Chinasa Opara should be removed now to avoid crisis in Mbaitoli.”

Another community leader from Mbaitoli who spoke with newsmen in Owerri advised that the Sole Administrator, Chinasa Opara should eschew rancour and with leaders in the Local Government.

He noted that now Mbaitoli have the Deputy-Gov Candidate in APC, there is need to deliver Governor Hope Uzodinma in the forthcoming Imo governorship poll.

He appealed to aggrieved leaders in the area to forgive what he referred as many sins of Chinasa Opara who he further accused of embezzling election logistics funds in the last election.

Hear him; “my name is Chief Asinobi Peter, an ardent supporter of the good Administration of Uzodinma and a member of Mbieri Professionals.

“My opinion is that APC and the Sole Administrator must Allow peace to resign in Mbaitoli. Those who embezzled election logistics funds in the last election, including the party chairman and the Sole Administrator should be forgiven.

“The problem of town Union leadership is very embarrassing, our people should do well to resolve this so that we can not repeat failure of the last election.”

When contacted the Sole Administrator, Chinasa Opara to hear his own side of the story, he denied the Allegations against him.

He said; “I am working for the Governor, I have made peace in autonomous communities in Mbaitoli including Obazu Mbieri Autonomous community.

“I am doing what the Governor told me to do, so I am innocent of those Allegations”

The Sole Administrator was also accused of sponsoring protest against the state government through purported factional Town Union group in Obazu.

The protest held at Imo State House Of Assembly Complex in Owerri where few persons protested against Innocent Ikpamezie, honourable member representing Mbaitoli constituency and Chief Nnamdi Anyehe the governor’s Chief of staff who they accused of interfering into Obazu politics.

Also reacting to the protest, the Solad, Chinasa Opara said that he is not aware of the protest in the house of Assembly or PGS meeting at the house Assembly complex.