–      As Members Threaten To Dump Party

The Aboh Mbiase Local Government Area chapter of the All Progressive Congress APC is reportedly on the verge of disintegration, following the alleged excesses of the Imo State Commissioner for Home Land Security and Vigilante Affairs, Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji.

Ugorji, a native of Aboh Mbaise, one of the American returnees who found his way into the Uzodinma administration, is alleged to be using his contact and closeness to the former Chief of Staff to the immediate past President, Muhammadu Buhari, Prof Ibrahim Gambari, to harass, intimidate and wreck havoc on members of the party who question his unnecessary interference in the affairs of the party.

“As a way of flaunting his closeness to the former presidential aide, Ugorji conspicuously hangs his photograph with the former Chief of Staff to the President in his office at the state secretariat, as a status symbol”.

It was also gathered that Ugorji, who is desperately scheming to become the next Executive Chairman of Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area is using his current position to intimidate and possibly neutralize every perceived opposition.

An APC stalwart in the area who does not want his name mentioned, told this reporter that “arrangements are in top gear by party faithful to stage a massive protest against the alleged high handedness of the Commissioner, whose actions, conduct and attitude are demarketing and working against the Uzodinma administration, especially with the November, 11, election around the corner”.

“If Ugorji’s excesses are not properly addressed, the APC in Aboh Mbaise will disintegrate, thereby making it easy for the opposition to win with a very wide margin when in actual fact, we have what it takes to deliver block votes to ensure the Governor’s victory”

Speaking in the same vein, another member of the party who also pleaded anonymity said, “we are yet to know where Ugorji’s interest lies and who he is actually working for. We however urge the Governor to beam his searchlight on him and his activities”.

“We can not be in the same party with a man who intimidates our members with his Abuja contacts and relationship with the former Chief of Staff to the immediate past President of Nigeria. He has been at loggerhead with all leaders of the party just because he wants to contest for the Chairmanship of Aboh Mbaise in the forthcoming Imo LGA election.

“This man has never cared to know about the spate of insecurity in Mbaise by virtue of his position as the Commissioner for Homeland Security and Vigilante Affairs”.

The Local Government Youth Leader of Aboh Mbaise, Ogechi Michael Ebegu, who also confirmed the crisis to our correspondent alleged that Uzodinma’s Commissioner for Homeland Security, Ugorji is synonymous with controversy.

In his words; Ugorji O Ugorji can not highjack Aboh Mbaise APC structure. The party has been standing on a strong base, If I may say, Ugorji is just a new entrant to the party, ‘Johnny Just Come ‘ JJC .

“We have a leader who has been piloting the affairs of the party in the L.G.A. I am surprised that Ugorji is claiming to be the Apex leader of APC in Aboh. Maybe because he has a strong man who may be close to Governor, Hope Uzodinma.

“We defeated the almighty PDP in Aboh Mbaise in the last election because of the leadership structure we established. The Apex leader in Aboh is Rt Hon. Eddy Obinna, Member, representing Aboh Mbaise State Constituency in Imo State House Of Assembly. He is the only person that can call us and we answer him as the leader of the party”.

“Ugorji O Ugorji is synonymous with controversy. He likes fighting everybody he sees on the line. He fought Honourable Emma Njoku, the immediate past Local Government Interim Management Committee Chairman. He never knew how he was made Chairman. He is currently fighting to remove the Sole Administrator of the Local Government, a woman who is doing a very good job.

“I will not be surprised if he is trying to fight the woman because he wants to contest for Local Government Chairmanship position. Ugorji is very overzealous, he thinks he can be everywhere at the same time.

“But we are focused on delivering the Governor on November 11. As the youth leader I will deliver Aboh Mbaise for the governor, with my men. Governor Hope Uzodinma has done well, so Ugorji should join us to deliver the Governor.

“His interest to contest the Local Government Council Chairmanship should not disorganize Aboh Mbaise APC. Though, he has the right to contest as a citizen of Aboh.”

Efforts by our correspondent to reach the Commissioner, Ugorji O Ugorji to hear his own side of the story proved abortive.