–      Seeks Explanation From Tribunal, APC

The appearance of the Tinubu Presidential Legal Team TPLT on the Certified True Copies of the controversial judgment delivered recently by the Election Petition Court tribunal has elicited reactions from a cross section of Nigerians, including the Labour Party which has maintained that the Presidential Election Petition Court PEPC and the All Progressive Congress APC should, as a matter of urgency explain why such serious error should allowed to happen in the first place”.

The party in a statement issued by it’s National Secretary, Obiora Ifoh, said, “Consequent upon the revelation that Certified True Copies (CTC) of the recent judgment by the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC) had an imprint, “Tinubu Presidential Legal Team” (TPLT) as its header, Nigerians are curious about such happenstance that has inevitably generated storm and controversy.

“The Labour Party was very disturbed by the delay in releasing the judgment expeditiously, only to be confronted with this befuddlement. The public is equally at pains trying to comprehend what is happening”.

The party further averred th.at the Presidential Election Petition Court and the Tinubu Presidential legal Team the owners of the imprint should without delay explain the circumstances surrounding the aberration to douse the controversy it has elicited, adding that, “Clearly, the header is not a watermark. We note that only some of the petitioners received the same version.

“In a highly contentious case with dire national interest and implications, confirming that the PEPC did not confer any advantage, rights, or privileges to any party is imperative. This development must be cleared up quickly to avoid conjectures and the belief that something untoward happened. This cannot be the case of another glitch.

The party noted that “the unsigned and undated statement issued purportedly by a senior counsel on behalf of the Tinubu Legal Team is misconceived and empty. The senior counsel claimed that the header is a watermark! It is not and can never be.

“Typically, a watermark is a faint imprint or design made on some papers during production and which can be seen when held up to the light. It helps in checking the genuineness of the paper.

The party stated that the senior counsel is responsible for substantiating his claims and should not pass the buck to innocent parties.

“We of the Labour Party place it on record that the counsel who collected the judgment on behalf of our party and our candidate did so long after a representative of Tinubu Legal Team.

Meanwhile, “we call on the PEPC and APC to come clean on the CTC imprint and disclose whose imprimatur is inscribed on the entire judgment. Nigerians deserve the right to know and are demanding urgent answers”.