Describes Governor’s Promise As  Deceptive 

A front line Ihitte Uboma Local Government Area of Imo State born politician and Young Progressive Party (YPP) candidate for Okigwe South Federal constituency, Comrade Kenkwo Kesandu Kingsley (KKK), has in a recent write up which he made available to newsmen, posited that Governor Uzodinma has finally acknowledged how bad the situation of Imo State has become under his watch, and promised to make Imo safe again.

This, according to Kenkwo means that Uzodinma has accepted the fact that Imo has become a very unsafe and dangerous place to live in since he assumed office.

The young vocal politician also noted that the governor wants Imo youths to abdicate their responsibilities and run away from their homes as he has promised to take about 4000 of them aboard as result of insecurity and unemployment at home.

Comrade Kenkwo’s write up reads as follows, “One of the ways to show responsibility in leadership, is the boldness to accept responsibility of everything happening in one’s area of jurisdiction and further provide solution to the problem(s).

Since Governor Uzodinma was saddled with the responsibility of piloting the affairs of Imo State by the Supreme Court, things have fallen apart in the state. I have always wished him well by constructively criticizing some of his anti people’s policies and programmes, all because of the prosperity of Imo State.

On the issue of insecurity, which is his primary function, at some point we all supported and urged Mr. Governor to name those behind it for us to know these our enemies and legally make them pay for all they have caused us, but Mr. Governor seems to be hiding something from the people, which was highly suspicious by failing to name these enemies of our dear State. Remember, a former head of state in Nigeria once stated unequivocally, that if insurgency lasts for more than twenty four hours, government has a hand in it.

When the Governor assumed office,I thought he understood the employment level of Imo State amongst the youths, but unfortunately, did not take it seriously, rather he introduced the ‘rabbit’ programme which was highly embarrassing to the entire state till tomorrow.

Worrisome, Mr. Governor finds it extremely difficult to accept the unemployment status of Imo and sadly plays politics with it.  Later, he introduced the ‘SkillUp Imo programme’ which seems condemnable, though, I am still investigating it to know the true position of things, as Governor has shown lack of seriousness, concerning the affairs of Imo youths on assumption of office.

On severally occasions and fora, Mr. Governor and some of his praisesingers, have argued how prosperous Imo is, while Imo youths in their hundreds of thousands are jobless and the result is all over the state, considering the level of crime we witness on daily basis. 

Fortunately, few days ago, I guess after deep reflection on how bad he has handled the affairs of Imo, Mr. Governor came out to acknowledge for the first time, that Imo youths are highly unemployed and the state is no longer safe for them by saying he will be sponsoring four thousand (4,000) youths abroad though we had authorities abroad have debunked it.

Having made the above confession, pending his restitution, I strongly think, feel and believe Mr. Governor is not yet serious with Ndi Imo. First, he would have sought for the advice of some people on how best to empower Imo youths instead of that state embarrassment of a comment. 

What is the essence of all these hundreds of  advisers that he parades around, when he can not be advised or does it mean he is indeed ‘Eze onye agwala m’ like many close to him have suggested?

Assuming but not conceding that Mr. Governor really meant what he voiced few days ago, that has made Imo a topic for content creators and comedians all over the country, how much does the Governor intend spending to send four thousand youths abroad? Let’s do a little arithmetic. Assuming, it will cost a youth N1.5m for flight ticket to Canada or any of the European countries, considering how costly flight tickets are today and let’s say another N1.5m for paper processing, we assume it might cost Imo State N3m to send one youth abroad. Therefore, for four thousand youths, it will cost our state N3m X 4000 = 12,000,000,000.00(twelve billion naira).

Putting into consideration the above illustration, the Governor is planning to spend a whooping sum of twelve billion naira of taxpayers money on what we do not even know. 

Is Governor Uzodinma saying this money can not be channeled to the rejuvenation of Abadaba lake, Ihitte/Uboma rice processing mills, Nsu Ceramic industry etc, that have capacity to absorb more than four thousand youths and improve our economy? Frankly, I really want to believe Mr. Governor is ignorant of all these, though ignorance is not an excuse, because it will be so terrible and horribly if this is another way to launder Imo funds. 

By the statement of Mr. Governor, he has agreed with majority of Ndi Imo that _*Imo should be made safe again*_  but four thousand youths can not run away from our father’s land just because of his incompetency.

I think Mr. Governor should apologize to Imo youths all over the world, especially those living in the state for failing to secure their lives and provide jobs for them. Most importantly, immediately stop his reelection campaign and support the _*MAKE IMO SAFE CAMPAIGN*_ in order to reposition Imo and make it great again”.