By Samuel Anyanwu

As the battle for the soul of Douglas House, the seat of power in Imo State, draws closer, political analysts and pundits have prognosticated the emergence and landslide electoral victory that will give birth to a renewed Hope for the people of Imo State come November, 11, 2023.

The re-election of Senator Hope Uzodinma for a second tenure will indeed propel Imo State into a new paradigm of unprecedented economic and infrastructural development since the annals of Imo political sphere.

Nevertheless, Governor Hope Uzodinma’s administration is adjudged to have performed above the expectations of Imo people in view of the challenges that confronted the administration upon swearing into office. 

The evaluation and assessment for possible reelection of Governor Uzodinma is appraised on certain parameters and indices of adjudging good governance index such as Accountability, Transparency, Anti-corruption, efficiency, rule of law, equity, inclusiveness, amongst others.

Make no mistake about it, Governor Hope Uzodinma is the only choice before Ndi Imo come November, 11, 2023 owing to the unprecedented economic and infrastructural development executed by the 3R administration which has never been witnessed since the annals of our political history.

Imo State, no doubt was integrated into the mainstream politics of Nigeria and national grid within three years of the conduct of the policy and affairs of the state which was hitherto known as “THE LAND OF HOPE” that eventually had its hope renewed by the man called HOPE. 

Imo people at this stage of development in every strata of the state’s economy do not need a governor who will take us back to the land of Egypt when GOVERNOR HOPE UZODINMA has already crossed the red sea and on the mission to lead Imo State to the promised land on this mission of accomplishments of the renewed HOPE that will consolidate on the achievements of the shared prosperity administration.

Proverbs 29:2 says and I quote “when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice but when the wicked beareath rule, the people mourn”. 

Imo people are today pleased with the government of shared prosperity because the sceptre of leadership and good governance is driven by an exemplary leader who is passionate about giving to the people what belongs to them, a man who has thirst for quality and durable infrastructural development and does not compromise quality to quantity.

Governor Hope Uzodinma, without equivocation has indeed set Imo state on the roadmap of global development through his numerous economic policies and investments which have positioned the State at the verge of being the economic hub of south East Nigeria such as the opening and dredging of Oguta Lake/ Orashi River to Atlantic amongst others.

Accomplishments of the Hope Uzodinma administration in road infrastructure, security, Local government administration, revenue generation, Agriculture, Health, Civil service reform, education, commerce and industry among others have never been witnessed since the annals of democracy in Imo State and Imo people can only gain more of such strides by giving Governor Hope Uzodinma another opportunity to do more of what he knows how to do best.