Ahead of Saturday’s Governorship election in Imo State, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has accused Governor Hope Uzodimma of destroying the State and wasting four years on the saddle.

In a statement signed by the Director-General of Imo PDP New Media Directorate, Lancelot Obiaku, on Monday November 6, 2023, the opposition party said that the Governor only succeeded at destroying the State and turning her into a theatre of war and bloodshed.

Lancelot was criticizing Uzodimma’s campaigns in which he has appeared to continue to make promises for things which the PDP feels he should have addressed within four years.

The statement read: “Recently, we interrogated the sole campaign material of the outgoing Governor of Imo State Hope Uzodimma and his enslaved supporters which is the falsehood from the pit of hell that under his fascist regime, Imo bad roads have been fixed. 

“Funnily enough, they were using the reconstruction of two federal roads in the State, Owerri-Orlu and Owerri-Okigwe roads as the springboard to sell the ugly propaganda. 

“However, following our intervention and our presentation of the dire state of Imo’s road infrastructure to the world, the truth has become evident to everyone in Imo State. This includes diasporans who were previously deceived into believing otherwise. 

“It has become clear that Uzodimma has done very little in this regard, and the two road projects in question were funded and carried out by the Federal Government, with the State Government playing a supervisory role. Imo’s residents are not as gullible as Uzodimma and his associates may have thought.

“Defeated and disarmed, Uzodimma found himself without any substantial achievements to campaign on, resulting in him making promises as though he were running for Governor for the very first time. It’s important to note that this is indeed his first genuine Governorship election, as in 2019, he essentially seized power.

“Shamelessly, after four years in office, Uzodimma is telling ndi Imo that he WILL create jobs, he WILL bring Medicare (whatever that means), he WILL restore the school system, among other unimaginably petty promises.

“The significant question arises: If Uzodimma has spent four years without addressing a single impassable road, failing to generate employment opportunities, and neglecting healthcare, what exactly has he been occupying the Government House for?

“What Uzodimma has managed to achieve is transforming Imo into a battleground and a zone of violence, thus turning a once tranquil state that thrived as a hub of hospitality and entertainment into a hotspot for criminals, arsonists, and assailants.

“Today, as more businesses continue to shutter, Imo has earned the unenviable title of being the unemployment epicenter of Nigeria, with an unemployment rate surpassing 58%. The extent of social distress in the state is immeasurable, leaving no room for doubt regarding the failure of leadership.

“There is definitely an end to an evil. It is for this reason that the people of Imo have made a resolute decision to utilize the governorship election on November 11, 2023, as an opportunity to free themselves from the grip of insecurity and destitution.

“For this noble cause, they have identified the candidate of the PDP, Senator Samuel Anyanwu as the man to lead the libertarian of the State from usurpers, murderers and bloodsuckers. Imo is free indeed as the people await PDP’s glorious victory.”

The Imo State Governorship election comes up on Saturday November 11, 2023.