–         Union Accuses Emelumba Of Using Govt Stooges To Misinform Public 

  • Confer Unmerited Awards And Massage His Ego 

The Nigeria Union of Journalists, Imo State Council has disclosed why it will not organize a Press Week in 2023.

The Secretary of the Press Week organizing committee, Comrade Austin Agwulonu said, the union decided to wrap up the year with an-end of year party which will include a program where journalists who have made their marks will be recognized and appreciated.

He stated that the occasion will also be used to visit some veterans of the pen profession, whose contributions are inestimable.  

Agwulonu, maintained that the NUJ, Imo State Council, has over time maintained its position as a non partisan organization, adding that, “contrary to the impression that some persons want to create, the union is not an award giving body, neither is it disposed to embarking on frivolous courtesy visits to groups and individuals as such disposition would compromise its role as the Watchdog of the society”.

When also contacted, the Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists in Imo State, Comrade Precious Nwadike, stated that the union has every reason to thank and appreciate God for protecting the lives of its members as the year is almost ending without the union burying any of her members.

He also noted that the leadership and members of Imo NUJ should also thank God who made it possible for the members to frustrate the efforts of some fraudulent and disgruntled elements who had already concluded plans to sell the union’s multi-million naira State Secretariat without the consent and approval of members.

He accused Imo state Commissioner for Information and strategy,Hon Declan Emelumba of using some persons,unknown to the Union to misinform the general Public.

Nwadike added that NUJ has never been an extension of government and will never be.”Those who sign releases for Emelumba know where they belong,obviously,not Journalists.The are the people sharing awards to people but in due time,we shall talk about the orginal credential of those who fall for the Unmerited awards bearing in mind that only people with questionable character will do anything to bag awards from faceless or dissident groups,”Nwadike stated.

Nwadike, also warned that people should, under no circumstance take their professional dispositions for granted as no man has monopoly of violence.