–      Says; Those Who  Worship Him Today,Once Did Same For Others In Power

–      Will Abandon,Fight Him when He Leaves Office

Chief Festus Agba, a former Chairman of the Association of Retired Permanent Secretaries, Imo State chapter, has said that for Governor Hope Uzodinma, who was inaugurated yesterday, for a second term in office to succeed, he must, as a matter of urgency, do away with the retinue of psychophants and praise singers in the corridors of power who made it virtually impossible for him to draw closer to the people he govern.

He added that the  praise singers around the governor at all time created impression that all was well,against the realities on ground.”They tell the governor what they feel he will be delighted to hear to remain in governor’s good book”.

He noted that those who are singing the Governor’s praises today, also did that for others before him, because it is their stock in trade and “meal ticket”.

“What motivates them, is not the interest of Imo people, who should be the Governor’s primary concern but their desperation to remain relevant.

“The Governor should make the welfare and interest of Imo people his priority. He should also listen to dissenting voices because they are the people who mean well for him and his administration.Everyone must not praise him.Alot of Imo people who criticise him do so because they want him to succeed”.

Agba, in a lighter mood, recalled that, when he was a Permanent Secretary, each time he visited his village, especially during Christmas, his residence was like a converging point for all kinds of people who usually congregated there to have fun and exchange ideas. But since he retired from the civil service, those people no longer bother to know whether he visits home or not.
“The Governor should know that the same fate awaits him when he serves out his tenure.

The human rights activist and  commentator on contemporary issues advised the Governor to look beyond the façade to appreciate the fact that most of those who often tell him what he wants to hear are his greatest enemies who will also be the first to abandon him when the chips are down. Hence, he should make hay while the sun shines.

“So, if there is anything he can do to positively influence and transform the lives of the people, he should do away with sycophants  without hesitation, as this is his opportunity to do so for the sake of posterity”.

Chief Agba, further advised the Governor to allow his aides do the job while he takes the glory, adding that reports that he virtually does everything himself does not encourage productivity but encourage redundancy,saying that the governor should only wade in if those entrusted with such responsibilities fail to perform.