–     Urge Fed Govt, Nat’l Assembly To Act Desiavely

The Global Prolife Alliance, has raised alarm over the alleged plan by some foreign agents in alliance with their local partners to carry out the genocide of doctors and other medical personnel in Nigeria.

The Coordinator, Prolife Alliance and President, Association of Catholic Medical Doctors, Dr Philip Njemanze who disclosed this in a release captioned, “Planned Genocide of Doctors in Nigeria by Bill Gates”, dated March, 15, 2024, stated that, “We, the Global Prolife Alliance (GPA) want to draw your attention to a clear and present danger of planned Genocide of Doctors in Nigeria by Bill Gates. Since 2009, Bill Gates has sponsored terrorists branded Boko Haram, Bandits and Herdsmen to carry out genocide of farmers in Nigeria to capture Nigeria’s Food Security by implementing advanced Mapping System with Electronic Wallets Cell Phones facilitated by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture under Hon Minister Dr Akinwumi Adesina.  

The Nigerian Farmers especially Seed-growers were tracked and killed in their homes and farms. Consider this from 2015-2018, 37500 farmers were killed, 32000 were Muslims and 5,500 were Christians. Despite, the fact that 85% of the victims were Muslims, the international and local press propaganda mercenary bribed by Bill Gates branded it “Islamic Terrorism”. The victims were labeled the perpetrators and the latter the “philanthropists”. Any attempt to uncover the truth is met by another orchestrated kidnapping of school children for ransom to depict it as criminal activity rather than operations of Bill Gates and his Biotech accomplices.

“We write to warn that Bill Gates has began a new phase targeted at genocide of all doctors and other health professionals in Nigeria using similar Cell Phone Mapping System guided with GPS technology. The program is termed the third phase (2024) of the National Health Facility Survey (NHFS). Bill Gates hiding under his multiple organizations like the Global Fund is gathering data of doctors and other health workers with facilitation by the Federal Ministry of Health (see attached circular dated 27th February, 2024 REF.: MH/AD/1851/1/7). 

“We strongly allege that the intention is to kill the health workers in Nigeria at their facilities. We will provide evidence to this effect when the National Assembly opens investigations on this. Health is national security and privacy of data is guaranteed by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As an immediate stop-gap measure, NASS should issue a resolution stopping all such data collections pending further investigations. As we have previously alleged, the aim of Bill Gates and his BIOTECH cronies is to capture the food security of Nigeria and replace all natural seeds with toxic sterilizing genetically modified (GMO) seeds and hence can implement an Egg for Food program.

 “In the Egg for Food Program, millions of Nigerian farmers would be told to have their wives and daughters forcefully donate their ovarian eggs in exchange for GMO ‘suicide’ seeds for planting. Other Nigerians who eat the poisonous GMO foods with sterilizing ‘Monsanto Epicyte Genes’ would rush to In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) Clinics to help them conceive, but instead their ovarian eggs would be poached for BIOTECH Labs abroad.  

“This would in turn provide the BIOTECH companies over one hundred million ovarian eggs needed to perfect human organ cloning. The Bill Gates Cloning Business is estimated to be worth thirty trillion US Dollars, one third of world economy. Nigerians are the guinea-pigs for Bill Gates biotech industry because their government failed to protect them. 

“It is estimated that over 10 million Nigerian women would die. The ovarian eggs of Nigerian women would be poached at a network of 250 hospitals owned by Bill Gates in Nigeria for which a contract for construction has been awarded. It is clear that Nigerian doctors would not cooperate with this evil plan, hence all practicing doctors in Nigeria must be eliminated. The attempt to buy off the doctors in the private sector failed. The relevant evidence to this effect would be provided at the Senate Hearings.

We urge NASS to do the following:

1.      Stop all data collection by Foreign Agents through the FMoH.

2.      Suspend operations of all NGOs linked to Bill Gates and BIOTECH companies labeling them National Security threats and cooperation with them a potential treasonable felony.

3.      Ban all GMO seeds cultivation and distribution in Nigeria. Amend the National Biosafety Management Agency Act 2015.

4.      Repeal the National Health Act 2014 that authorizes collection of gametes and organs without consent.

5.      Commence NASS hearings on the National Security Threat posed by Bill Gates, BIOTECH companies and their affiliates in Nigeria”.