Says:He can’t Run School By Proxy

A group that identified its self as Concerned Alumni of Imo State Polytechnic, has sent a stern warning to a former Rector of the institution, Fr Wence Madu over what they described as his unbridled desire to run Imo State Polytechnic by proxy, several years after his tenure elapsed.

The group in a release issued by Engr Nnadiekwe Victor, as Coordinator, posited that the set back Imo State Polytechnic has had since its inception was the emergence of Fr Wence Madu, whose inglorious tenure dislocated the smooth running of the institution, and became a clog that put its wheel of progress in reverse gear.

“Aside monumental allegations of fraud and alleged misappropriation of funds associated with his administration, Fr Wence, was described as a high handed person.

Continuing, they said “we all know that, while he was Rector of Imo Poly, he started and completed the building of the Claretian University, at Nekede, where he now parades himself as a Professor.

“We are reacting to a statement by the Imo State government appointing him as Chairman, merger of multi-campus institutions in Imo State, with particular reference to Imo State Polytechnic which is our almamatar. We have no issue with his appointment but are diametrically opposed to his coming back to or having anything to do with the Imo State Polytechnic, under any guise whatsoever”.

His forceful removal from after he refused to vacate office several years after his tenure elapsed and the unrelenting efforts he made to remain in office attest to his desperation to continuously be in the office”.

“However, the government of Imo State did well by not addressing him as a Professor in the release it issued as if they know that his claim of being a Professor is questionable, while the government in the release, addressed Edna Mathus Njoku, as a Professor because the latter’s title of Professor, is authentic and verifiable”.

“We will stop at nothing as group, to ensure that, any attempt by Fr Wence Madu to return to Imo State Polytechnic, under any guise is foiled. Besides, with him as Chairman of the Committee, we are not expecting an unbiased report. He is an interested party under whose tenure, as Rector, a portion of the land on which the Technical Skill Acquisition Center (TESAC) which now serves as Orlu campus of the Imo State Polytechnic was ceded to the Catholic Church and they built a hotel on it”.