-warns politicians Against receiving award from Union

By Martin Opara

The Elder Lambert Ojukwu led Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Integrity group that enjoys the massive support and solidarity of majority of practicing journalists in Imo State, has suspended Chris Akaraonye who the National President of NUJ, Deacon Christopher Isiguzo and immediate past chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists, Imo State Chapter, Innocent Igwe made several fruitless attempts to foist on Imo journalists, at the instance of former governor Rochas Okorocha who wanted a docile NUJ that would not have the courage to live up to expectation and make his government accountable  to the people.

A release issued by Sunny Sparkle Ejiogu stated that the Imo NUJ Integrity group, led by Elder Lambert Ojukwu, in a meeting held in Owerri, yesterday resolved to suspend Christopher Akaraonye “for several unethical conducts that, aside bringing disrepute to the union, projects it in bad light.

It also warned members the public to be careful and avoid being victims of extortion and other manipulative antics of Akaraonye and his cohorts who have packaged and are presently calling for nomination from different categories of illegitimate awards aimed at raising money to assuage their pecuniary inclinations at the expense of the unsuspecting members of the public”.

“The Nigeria Union of Journalists as a professional body of decent and responsible people is not known for frivolous and indiscriminate proliferation of questionable awards on people”.

He dismissed the purported suspension of Elder Lambert Ojukwu and Sir Amby Uneze, for exercising their constitutional freedom of expression, as guests of Oziza Fm radio station.

“Besides, issues arising from the Imo NUJ crisis, are subjects of litigation in a court of competent jurisdiction. The Imo State Council has not held genuine election since then, hence there are presently no legitimate executives”.

“It is on record that Imo NUJ Integrity group, prior to going to court to seek redress and resist the attempted imposition of stooges by Deacon Isiguzo and Sir Innocent Igwe, had explored all avenues to peacefully resolve the matter. The institution of the court process also followed due process. It is therefore an aberration for anybody to claim to have suspended factional leaders duely recognized by the Industrial Arbitration Court, Owerri”.

The release urged journalists on both camps to remain calm and peacefully await the conduct of a genuine, free and fair election.