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2023 Election:Group Alleges Conspiracy Against Ndigbo

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The youth wing of Ohaneze Ndigbo worldwide, the Ohaneze Youth Council (OYC) led by Comrade Igboayaka has observed that there is a deliberate conspiracy or policy by some groups of politicians to sideline or sidetrack the Igbos as a people in the political permutations of this country and that if nothing serious is urgently done to correct the abnormally, the region may be heading towards total collapse of Nigeria as a nation.

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The leadership of the council in their statement to newsmen at Enugu on Saturday September 26 after an extended political meeting geared towards reviewing and x-raying “some unguided utterances as regards the Nigeria presidency of Igbo extraction as being canvassed by several interest groups and individuals advised patriotic citizens who bear the unity of Nigeria at heart to be continuous on the 2023 presidential ticket saying that “Nigeria may not out-last 2023 should appropriate steps not taken.

Through its National President, the Council frowned at a statement credited to Peter Obi former Governor of Anambra State and former Vice Presidential Candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) wherein the latter had opted that “2023 presidential election will be basically on credibility”.

This statement as was credited to Obi did not go down well with the Council, as the President, in his speech, reminded former Governor, Peter Obi that, “credibility is the second qualification for 2023 presidential election.

The council, therefore, insisted that the first criterion for 2023 election was that the presidential candidates should come from States of Igbo extraction in Nigeria.

“Among the tribes in Nigeria, Igbos have held the unity of Nigeria, Igbos have paid with their blood to keep Nigeria, and such unity thirsty tribe is qualified to lead Nigeria at this time of fragile unity that has made Nigeria to divide more than ever.

“The apostles of truth, justice, equity and fairness in the Nigeria project know that 2023 “presidential tournament” will determine if Nigeria will go into political relegation or qualify to continue to exist as one entity”, Igboayaka stated.

The ebullient youth leader described the unity of Nigeria as a hungry and thirsty baby, craving for the mother’s attention, hence the quest for a true Igbo man who can succeed President Mohammadu Buhari in 2023, reiterating that the only vaccine that would stop Nigeria from falling ill in 2022 and die in 2023 is “Nigerian President of Igbo Extraction-Vaccine.

“Yes Nigeria’s President of Igbo extraction is a pill, an anti-dote of Nigeria political survival beyond 2023, the only entrance and exit for peace and Unity in  Nigeria is entrance of an Igbo person into Aso Rock in 2023”

Hear him: “Nigeria’s unity is like a baby that is thirsty and hungry crying heavily, it requires the mothers breast milk and water to stop the baby from crying. Such water and mothers milk is An Igbo person replacing President Mohammadu Buhari in 2023.

“The only vaccine that will stop Nigeria from falling ill in 2022 and die in 2023 is “Nigerian President of Igbo Extraction-Vaccine” Comrade Igboayaka revealed.

Speaking further, he said, “There is one option left for Nigerians  in 2023 either to accept Ndigbo and reintegrate them into THE mainstream  of Nigeria political project or risk the actualization of self-determination call by Ndigbo. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed the spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum, stakeholders and groups or individuals, other tribes who are aspiring the for presidency should make a choice whether Ndigbo to continue with them as “One Nigeria”.

“If after the 2022 Presidential Primary election, the leading political parties in Nigeria did not cede presidential ticket to  Igbo candidates the call for a separate State of Igbo Nation for Ndigbo will take a different dimension that will shock the global word, and will be actualized by every conventional and unconventional instrumental”, Igbo youths president warned.


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