–      Vow to resist clandestine plot to destabilize community

The Heads of all the villages in Obi Mbieri autonomous community, Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State have vowed to resist any clandestine plot by any person or group of persons to destabilize the community by conspiring to hijack the administration of Obi Mbieri autonomous community.

This declaration was made in a document signed on behalf of the Village Heads by the Public Relations Officer of the Village Heads, Chief Jonathan Onugbo shortly after a meeting they held on Saturday, April 15, and made available to the press.

It was also gathered that, sequel to a plot by some individuals with selfish vested interest to perpetually manipulate a peace process by impersonating the traditional ruler of Obi Mbieri autonomous community through unscrupulous letters. Some concerned stakeholders in the community have raised alarm demanding that the whereabout of the traditional ruler be made public to checkmate the prevailing situation where known dubious characters take advantage of the prolonged silence of the   Monarch to misinform the people , thereby causing confusion and heating up the polity.

One of the leaders and stakeholders in Obi Mbieri autonomous community while responding to a question accused some people including a notorious individual claiming to be the transition Traditional Prime Minister who resigned to reappear among others of being behind the plot to enthrone a new traditional ruler, contrary to the traditional and customary norms, rules and regulations of Obi Mbieri autonomous community.

It was also gathered that ‘’Kester Osuji and his cohorts are ignorant of the sanctity of the traditional institution, hence they allowed themselves to be willing tools in the hands of those who are bent on polarizing and destabilizing the community to achieve their selfish aims and objectives’’.

Some of the leaders and stakeholders who spoke to this Reporter expressed their unanimous support for the Traditional Minister, Chief Dr Kyrian Ndikom adding that until they see and hear from the traditional ruler HRH, Eze JN Osuji, they will continue to support and deal with Chief Dr Kyrian Ndikom who was appointed and endorsed by the Village Heads and other relevant stakeholders on February 7, 2023.

Meanwhile, at a meeting of the stakeholders of Obi Mbieri autonomous community held with the Sole Administrator (SOLAD) of Mbaitoli Local Government Area at the Council Headquarters yesterday, the SOLAD stated in very clear and unequivocal terms that Mr Patrick Emeruem who was appointed by the state government as President General of Obi Mbieri autonomous community should exercise his authority rather than allowing impostors and people with selfish interests and ulterior motives to be pushing him around, until his tenure elapses on June 28, 2023.

He affirmed that another election will be conducted at Obi Mbeiri when Emeruem’s tenure elapses.

On the issues of the Traditional Ruler and that of the Traditional Prime Minister, the SOLAD averred that the meeting was not in a position to deliberate on them  because the letter of appointment issued to Chief Dr Kyrian Ndikom as Traditional Prime Minister and the letter of introduction that conveyed the same message are still valid and irrevocable pending when the Traditional Ruler, HRH, Eze JN Osuji will appears to personally explain the discrepancies.  

Recall, that Chief Kyrian Ndikom was crowned as the Traditional Prime Minister of Obi Mbieri autonomous community on February 7, 2023 amidst pomp and pageantry, as all the Village Heads and their subjects extolled his virtues on different media platforms. The peak of acceptance was public felicitations and congratulatory messages that attested to his massage and overwhelming acceptance by the people.

They demanded that the whereabout of the traditional ruler be made public while the importers are chased away from the community in shortest possible time, stressing that the problems and clashes of interest in Obi Mbieri are linked to the traditional rulers inexplicable absence, hence urgent explanation to that effect will douse the tension in the community.