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The member, representing Owerri Municipal Council State Constituency, in the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon Clinton Amadi, has thanked his constituents for their massive support and solidarity before, during and after the March, 18, 2023 election.

Amadi, who stated this in a release he issued, said, “Let me start by thanking God Almighty for what he has done for me and my constituents. On 18th March, 2024, the people of Owerri Municipal State Constituency came out massively and voted for me under the platform of Labour Party. This mandate was only reclaimed on 23rd November, 2023 after the Appeal Court upheld the judgment of Election Tribunal of 3rd October, 2023 and finally my inauguration/swearing-in on 11th January, 2024.

During this period, you fervently waited, prayed, encouraged, and supported me and my family exceedingly. I cannot thank you enough. This is our victory!!

I am deeply appreciative of Labour Party Executives at the National, State, Zonal and Ward levels. I will not fail to thank His Excellency Senator Athan Achonu and Hon Sir Tochukwu Okere.

I am deeply indebted to my legal team led by Barr Adizua Okoroafor and my big friend the Minister Dike. I thank the Judiciary (Election Tribunal Panel and Appeal Court) for upholding this spirited victory and decision by the masses”.

The onetime Majority Leader and later Acting Speaker of the 6th Imo State House of Assembly, assured that, he will use his position to attract the dividends of democracy to his people while also calling on those who contended with him to sheath their swords and join hands with him to move their constituency forward.

He said, “As we sojourn during these 4 years, I pledge to restore the dividends of democracy to my constituents and ensure to use my leadership judiciously to alleviate the sufferings of the common people on the streets. I promise never to get distracted but to use my position and assert redemption and ultimate good governance to our people; the reason why I was elected.

For my opponents who fought very hard for this position, I invite you to sheath your swords and work with me to achieve the best for the people of Owerri Municipal State Constituency. Let us bring up good ideas for the optimal development of our constituency irrespective of your political and religious proclivity. We are one and the same people and from now on, division will not be allowed in our constituency.

I urge for your continuous support, prayers and direction during the next four years. Let us all remember that we are in one boat which is large enough to accommodate everybody!

Together we will make Owerri Municipal State Constituency great again! To God be the glory”.