Prominent PDP chieftain and renowned Igbo leader, Chief Sir Chyna Iwuanyanwu, has lampooned President Muhammadu Buhari, accusing him of being responsible for eliciting hate speeches in Nigeria.
Chief Chyna Iwuanyanwu made these public in an exclusive chat in a video chat recently. He also condemned the ugly situation whereby out of serving 14 heads of security agencies in Nigeria the North alone produced 11, the South West two and the South South one with the South East not considered worthy of any member of the Security Council. This he said is a hate action and deliberately meant to eliminate or marginalize the South East from the scheme of things, and reduce them to second class citizens.

He further stated that the Kitchen Cabinet and office of the Chief of Staff to the President have no South Easterner as member despite the initial impression that Ogbonnaya Onu will be appointed as Secretary to the Government of the Federation.
Chyna Iwuanyanwu also recalled that in far away USA, Buhari had stated that he will give 95% consideration and appointment to those who voted for him leaving 5% for those who never voted for him adding that such pronouncement is hate speech. “Buhari is the Chief sponsor and promoter of all hate speeches, and in the main cause South East agitations. There is no armour against the will of the people. You can’t suppress them”, he stated.
Speaking further the Nwangele born political leader accused President Buhari of mismanaging the agitation, the same way the issue of Boko Haram was mismanaged. “As the father of the nation, he ought to call the agitators for a dialogue instead of arresting an inconsequential Nnamdi Kanu and sending him to prison to be an instant hero. We have seen nepotism on the part of the President. That is hate speech. If I am being victimized giving the reason that they never voted for him, is utter rubbish. If he had treated all Nigerians equal, there will be no agitations, or so called hate speeches.
It is a total violation of his oath of office to insinuate that you are giving 95% for those who voted for you and 5% for those who did not and a total negation of the President oath of office and assurance during his inauguration that he is for nobody but for everybody. Once you are elected, you are no longer President of APC or PDP. Doing otherwise, that is hate speech which transforms into marginalization. It is glaring that Buhari is anti Igbo, anti South East. If he had a level play field and treated all Nigerians equal, there will be no agitations,” he concluded. He then urged President Buhari to end marginalization by according the South East its due share of the National Cake.