• Comrade Chinonso Uba

    A human right activist and popular radio commentor,Comrade Chinonso Uba has called on the present administration of Hope Uzodinma to intensify effort in probing Rochas Okorocha,former governor of Imo State.

His demand is coming on the heels of  impending wild spread of Corona Virus amidst the speculations that the so called 27 hospitals built by Okorocha would have served as huge relief to Imo people.He maintained that this is when those hospitals would have been highly of use to Imo people but unfortunately,the huge sum budgeted for the project went into private pocket.
He said,”This is the right time for the present government in Imo state to probe the 27 wasteful hospital structures erected by the government of Rochas Okorocha.
This has become imperative owing to the usefulness of such projects had they been righteously built and equipped as Okorocha wasted outrageous billions of Imo finances in erecting empty structures in the name of General hospitals in the 27 Local government areas of the state.
It is important at this time to question Okorocha and his cronies on why these hospitals are now refuge for sheep and rodents,housing kidnappers and rapists.
Its unsavory the way governments come and go without proper accountability to the people they serve.
Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world and indeed Nigeria has exposed the looting perpetuated by our leaders whose responsibility it were to provide proper health care for the electorates.
From the Federal government down to state governments,the story of looting remains real and unchanged. Every year millions are being budgeted for health care and health equipment,but these monies end up being looted and embezzled,misused and misappropriated..exactly the case of Okorochas 27 hospitals including SOMTO HOSPITAL & MOTHER AND CHILD HOSPITAL located at Douglas road.
What is the need of building hospitals that are unfunctional? This was one of the ways Imo state fund was siphoned and it’s the responsibility of this present government to probe Okorochas so called  27 General Hospitals including the ones he erected along Douglas road Owerri.
Imo is no ones private business but our business!!!!”,Uba concluded.