• Says:Threat started after he spoke against bad road

By Dorcas Samson Achi 

An Owerri based comedian popularly known as JB STONE has notified the general public and well to do Nigerians on the recent life threatening emails sent to him by yet to be identified persons.

While making this disclosure in an exclusive chat with our reporter recently, JB STONE said these threats came shortly after he made a live video of the current state of Nekede/Ihiagwa road, Imo State, on Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day anniversary.

According to him “I only celebrated my country on Independence Day by showcasing to the government the current state of some roads which Nekede/Ihiagwa road is inclusive so as to draw their attention for immediate rehabilitation. The residents of this area in Imo State are really suffering and cannot easily access their homes and businesses due to the road’s bad state. 

“In commemoration of our independence day on 1st October, 2020, I decided to let the government know that Nekede/Ihiagwa road is overdue for rehabilitation being a host of two federal institutions namely, Federal University of Technology at Ihiagwa and the Federal Polytechnic Nekede. The road can as well be used to access as the Federal College of Land Resources Technology at Owerri West.   

“What I don’t understand is the reason behind these unwarranted threats to my life by unknown persons. Could this people be anti good governance and societal/national development? The general public should take note that should anything happen to me or my family, the government should be held responsible”, he averred. 

The threat emails have come from different persons. The one from John Sam reads: ”so you think you can play and gamble with a great country like Nigeria, I will make sure I get you before the end of this year. I have sent my men for you. You can only run but you cannot hide. So that in your next world you will not use your country for comedy”.  

That of Delham Musa reads: “jbstone or whatever you are called, you just started a fire that will consume you wawan mutum”.

However,keen observers of the unfolding scenario believe there is no reason for anyone to threaten the life of the comedian since the Nekede/Ihiagwa road in question is even in a better motorable condition since the assumption of office of the present governor. Those who many have sent the threat emails might be complimenting  ‘JBSTONE in drama just to pull present administration in the state may be a work to make it look like the government is after the comedian for embarrassing it.