–       Imo in darkest moment of history

·        Says APC  can’t postpone doomsday as election holds Sept 2023
A former Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly who represented Ehime Mbano state constituency, Rt Hon Lawman Dururji has described Okigwe sons and daughters who are projecting All Progressive Congress,APC and Governor Hope Uzodinma for a second tenure in office as political jobbers who   lack the clout to mobilize their respective families and kindreds, what more Okigwe people.

The vocal political giant and grassroots mobilizer who stated this in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper yesterday further stated that, “most of these people who are using their clamour for Uzodinma’s second tenure as meal ticket don’t even know when the Imo state governorship election will hold.Interestingly, Okigwe leaders and stakeholders who have the capacity and the mandate  to speak for the people, will at the appropriate time take a  stand on the issue which will be in  tandem with the content of the well articulated Egbu Declaration which no right thinking Imolite will fault,oppose or castigate.We support Egbu declaration because  it is in tandem with the yearnings of all sincere and patriotic Okigwe indigenes at home and in Diaspora irrespective of political affiliation.”

The political strategist posited that, “in line with the  principle of equity, justice and fairness Owerri zone  should be supported to occupy the governorship seat, come 2023″.

When asked why he is not clamouring for Okigwe zone for the position, he said, “Okigwe zone has enjoyed a 4 years stint while Owerri zone’s tenure was truncated.Moreso, when we know Okigwe zone can’t do it alone, hence we need to team up with Owerri Zone and progressives in Orlu zone to win election”.

He expressed dismay that some Okigwe sons who should be concerned about the alarming insecurity in Imo state occasioned by bad governance and failure of leadership are busy extolling APC’s abysmal performance rather than urging the governor  to sit up and concentrate on the enormous challenges confronting the state, especially the security challenges that has claimed the  lives of many innocent people, especially youths whose remains are dumped in different mortuaries in the state.

“Imo people are presently, deprived, pauperized, traumatized. All sections of the economy have collapsed, including the health, education, workers welfare security, ease of doing business. The worst of them is insecurity which has dealt a devastating blow on the socio-economic life of the state with loss of revenue.

“It is an irony that those urging and campaigning for Uzodinma to stay beyond January 14, 2024 can neither visit their villages nor walk freely there. All they do and seem to derive satisfaction from is to stay in their comfort zones in Owerri to issue press releases, while the information we get from villages and other places is frightening. 

Hon Duruji also mentioned the latest incident in his LGA that took life of a promising young man in his village and till date, his killers are no where to be found. Yet those who should speak out and task government to sit up and do the needful towards protecting the lives and property of the citizens look the other way as they are more interested in assuaging their selfish interests at the expanse of the people they claim to lead.”

Duruji advised Governor Uzodinma to soft pedal on his ambition and concentrate on how to address the frightening security challenges in the state which has regrettable claimed the lives of numerous able bodied  young men whose corpses have filled the mortuaries in the state.